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Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882) was an English naturalist and the author of “On the Origin of Species“. Published in 1859, this book presents Darwin’s arguments supporting a theory of evolution through natural selection. It can be justly afforded its informal status as the founding document of modern evolutionary theory. The book was written in a style that made it accessible to non-specialists and it is for this that I have beatified Darwin here at Dar-Winning. Evolution does not perform solely in the exclusive theaters of academia; it is an omnipresent performer, putting on a magnificent show for all to see.

Evolution’s beauty lies in its inescapable truth. It is an idea that, once truly understood, results in an epiphany – an awakening to a state of mind from which one cannot return.The world starts to make sense when viewed through evolution’s lens. Nature, culture, information technology and indeed any system wherein information is transmitted, stored and replicated, can be seen to behave in a manner which is analogous to evolution by natural selection.

Darwin’s work revealed the driving force that shapes all living things and governs how they act. To put it quite simply, organisms adapt because traits which facilitate survival to maturity are rewarded with propagation. Every bizarre adaptation you can think of, in some way, helps that organism to pass on its genes. But knowing this doesn’t make those adaptations any less amazing or awe inspiring. If anything it gives us a newfound appreciation for the spectacular feats of nature that arise from every species on the planet unconsciously trying to solve the same puzzle: How do I pass my genes to the next generation? The solutions nature has concocted are astonishing; they are marvels of creation that it is our great privilege to behold.

Darwin helped open our eyes to a powerful force hiding in plain sight. This revelation has made the world a more exciting and wondrous place to live, and so I would like you to join me in a toast : To Charlie Darwin – a winner on a scale that Charlie Sheen can only dream of.